Michael Baum qualified in medicine at Birmingham University medical school in 1960. He held chairs of surgery at Kings College London 1980-1990, the Institute of Cancer Research 1990- 1995 and University College London 1995 -2001. In the past he has been President of the British Oncology Association, the European Breast cancer conference and chairman of the Psycho-social committee of the National Cancer Research Institute.

He has been awarded the William McGuire prize at San Antonio Texas, the Charles Gross prize in France, the St Gallen prize in Switzerland, the gold medal of the International College of surgeons for his research into the treatment of breast cancer and most recently the gold medal for therapeutics from the worshipful society of apothecaries in London.

He established the first clinical trials centres in the UK, was one of the first to challenge the doctrine of radical mastectomy, lead the first trial that demonstrated the potential of tamoxifen to prolong life amongst breast cancer victims and was also the first to describe psychometric instruments to measure quality of life in cancer sufferers. Most recently he has lead the first trial to demonstrate the equivalence of intra-operative single dose radiotherapy with 6 weeks post-operative treatment. His recently published auto-biography “Breast Beating: One man’s odyssey in the search for an understanding of breast cancer, the meaning of life and other simple questions” .

He is married to Judy, and they have three children, Richard, Katie and Suzanne, and 9 grandchildren.

His other interests include painting and the History of Art, the Philosophy of Science (click to view the Karl Popper Lecture LSE 2007 or a recent article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine); Theatre and modern literature, and the history of modern and ancient states of Israel.


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